“I have a round shape and there is a grave difference between my waist size and my hip size, so I have to buy jeans to fit my hips and consequently my jeans are too big in the crotch and they sag.  2B...Continued jeans gave me the perfect fit by taking all aspects of my shape into consideration and I have amazing jeans that make me feel comfortable & confident when I wear them.  I love the style and fit of them and you will too!  I can't wait to order my next pair and style.” -Janelle McGhee, Special Education Teacher
“When Conchita presented the idea of creating a full-figured line of jeans for us curvy girls, I was so excited. All the jeans I owned until this point didn't fit in more ways than one. When I received my jeans I fell in love. They were EXACTLY what I had been in search for and the bonus is they fit flush to my back (which the current denim market does not possess). I absolutely love everything about my jeans and the best part is that it's done with purpose. To leave a legacy to her children and future generations. 2 B Continued..." -Ebony Roberts, Master Stylist, Owner, Educator
“2B...(Continued) Jeans are great. The jeans fit my hips and don't gap at the waist like many others that I've tried. I love the fit! They don't gather at the middle. Everything fits perfectly and I've never experienced that before. I'm definitely a life long customer!" -JeTuan Lavyonne, Author/Book Coach