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Our Story
2B...(Continued) Custom Denim Jeans Inc. is a company designed with the full-figured woman in mind. Our brand  accentuates the waistline uniqueness of the curvy woman.  We specialize in sizes 12-32.
Our vision was to create a brand that speaks to an individuals need for style, comfort and that perfect fit - curved symmetry. And we've done just that! We combine incomparable customer service with high end fashion, offer it at retail prices to establish a brand that will dominate closets and add a prominent touch to any jean wardrobe.
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Our Founder
Conchita E. Jamison began her journey in November of 2010 at the International Academy of Design Technology in Chicago, IL. Frustrated from searching for flattering jeans for her daughter and herself, she set out on a quest to design the perfect pair of jeans that fit them in every area of their bodies and compliments their proportions.
While in fashion merchandising school, Conchita gained a little background, insight and education about the fashion world. It was during school that she chose the name of the business, “2B... (Continued).”
It has two meanings for her:
1. To help empower curvy women to embrace their curves and be proud of who they are and what they wear. 
2. To leave a legacy and inheritance to her children’s children. 

When she left school to go back to work full time, Conchita's journey continued as she flew to Las Vegas to study with a Master Tailor to take a pattern drafting class. She wanted to have the termination knowledge of what was being communicated to her and have the skill to draft her own patterns should the need arise. Now, 9 years later, with some awesome patterns, samples, growing pains of starting and building a business/brand, and loyal customers acquired along the way, 2B... (Continued) is kickin' it up a notch and taking this company to the next level.

Conchita says, "I am very excited about the future of 2B... (Continued) and our upcoming projects, as well as the lives that we will touch and change with our jeans and other products.  I am the brand 2B... (Continued) Custom Denim Jeans Inc. The legacy begins with me!"

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How Did We Do It?

​​​​For starters, our custom denim jean line is made with superior workmanship and competitive manufacturing, which allows us more creativity from start to finish. Our jeans provide more material in the waistline which allows total flexibility without exposure. We've taken all body types into consideration when building our brand, and created a symmetrically balanced customized line of jeans.

As a company, 2B...(Continued) believes that a custom denim jean line, created with the full figured woman in mind, will afford us a solid position in the retail market.​  We are here to cater to the needs of each individual consumer with class and dignity. We want to become a trademark brand for the full figured woman and hard to fit individuals. Our belief is "when you look good, you feel good." With this in mind 2B...(Continued) will expand our line to include children, athletes, big and tall men and RTW (Ready to Wear).​  We’ve started by presenting pieces for our “Evolution Collection!”  This Collection includes pieces for Children,  Straight Size from 0-10,  and coming soon Big and Tall Men/Athletic Cut.  Our quality product, unique vision and love for what we do has earned us some brand loyalty as well as a growing customer base.  Our product and unique vision has already started to create brand loyalty and a solid customer base.

We are looking forward to serving you because you're not just a body type, you're a proportion. 

We appreciate your feedback, love and support over the years.  
Keep Dreamin’ & Stay tuned...2B...(Continued)!!! 
Much love!



Download our company one sheet by CLICKING HERE.

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